Call for Letters of interest, Position of Director, IAB

Call for Letters of interest, Position of Director, IAB

31 Octobre 2023

The Institute for Advanced Biosciences (IAB) is inviting for declarations of interest for the position of Director of the Institute for its next quinquennial program (HCERES vague A, 2027-2031). IAB is seeking a visionary scientific leader with internationally recognised strong track record of innovative research in molecular and cellular biology applied to health and medicine, and with strong leadership skills, including prior experience in leadership and management. Suitable candidates for the position should think strategically, be innovative, have a global mind-set, and have strong decision-making skills. IAB values merits in building interdisciplinary research in a highly collaborative environment.  

The IAB Director will:  

  • Develop and implement a strategy for future scientific growth, development, and excellence;
  • Coordinate and manage a scientific program regrouping 19 teams and 6 core facilities;
  • Be responsible for daily operations, personnel, resources and procuring external funding, and development of IAB;
  • Recruit and foster a new generation of outstanding and highly interactive researchers through the IAB governing organizations UGA, Inserm and CNRS;
  • Develop his/her own research program either as an independent team or as a research group embedded in another team;
  • Foster new collaborations with other laboratories of University Grenoble Alpes (UGA) and its University Hospital (CHUGA) as well at national and international level;
  • Contribute to the development of life-science research cooperation across the University’s faculties and institutes;

The Director will hold a permanent scientific position from one of the three governing organizations of IAB (UGA, Inserm, CNRS). The current IAB Director (P. HAINAUT) has been recruited as Professor of University Grenoble Alpes and Hospital Practitioner (PUPH status). The Director’s appointment is for a period of five years with a possibility of renewal for another quinquennium (2031-2036).

In the first instance, IAB is inviting interested individuals to make contact and declare their interest through a letter of intent consisting of:

  • A CV with a brief description of scientific and managerial track record
  • A personal motivation letter with a brief outline of a strategic vision for the future of IAB

Before sending a LoI, interested individuals are requested to contact informally the current IAB Directors: 

Pierre Hainaut, Director
Laurence Lafanechère, Vice-Director

Deadline for inquiries: May 31st 2024


Candidates of any nationality and scientific background compatible with IAB strategy are invited (medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, pharmacy, mathematics..). The ideal candidate should hold a PhD and/or MD + a proven experience in conducting and leading independent research. He/she should have an international experience, a very competitive publication record and experience in applying to and attracting competitive funding. He/she should have demonstrated managerial skills as well as formal training in managing research teams composed of permanent and contract researchers, engineers, technicians, students and undergraduate interns. He/she should be fluent in English with at least working knowledge of French language.

About IAB

The Institute for Advanced Biosciences develops fundamental and translational research programs with a focus on understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which cells adapt to the constraints of their environment at all scales of the living (from molecules to ecosystems). This strategy is based on 4 keywords: epigenetics, environment, cell plasticity and cancer. IAB brings together 19 research teams and groups supported by 6 technical platforms (300 staff). The main translational endpoints are cancers, infectious diseases (bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites), fertility and development pathologies and prevention of environmental exposures in early life. IAB develops translational and pre-clinical research programs in partnership with CHU Grenoble-Alpes and actively cooperates with other research centers of the Grenoble site, in particular ESRF, EMBL, IBS and molecular chemistry/pharmacochemistry and physics departments of UGA.

Research at IAB encompasses a wide range of topics and expertise, from molecular genetics and epigenetics to cell biology, molecular pathology, parasitology, immunology and environmental epidemiology. Research is organized in three interacting Departments:  Signaling through Chromatin, Cell plasticity, Micro-environment and Signaling and Environment, Reproduction, Infections and Cancer. This scientific structure provides a framework for bringing together ideas, methods and people to find out innovative responses to biological and medical questions. The common goal of this interdisciplinary approach is to elucidate the mechanisms by which complex biological and pathological phenotypes emerge and transform along trajectories of health that link environmental exposures, metabolism, infectious diseases and cancer. An underlying theme across all topics is experimental therapy, with many programs oriented towards pre-clinical proof of concept of novel targets and interventions. IAB programs take advantage of an exceptionally rich technological environment in Grenoble, encompassing platforms dedicated to structural biology (ERSF, EMBL, IBS), proteomics (CEA), quantitative fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, genome and protein engineering, metabolomics/lipidomics, in vivo imaging and animal models.

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